A realtor based out of Poland is being sued for allegedly not paying taxes on more than 25 properties across Mahoning County.

According to a lawsuit filed by Mahoning County Treasurer Dan Yemma, realtor Michael Klacik owes hundreds of thousands of dollars on a total of 27 properties across Youngstown and Struthers.

In the lawsuit, Yemma is asking that Klacik either pay the money he owes in unpaid taxes, as well as assessments, penalties and interest in full to the county, but if this money cannot be paid, the properties would be put up to be sold at a Sheriff Sale.

Until then, a lien has been placed on all listed properties, so Klacik cannot sell any of them until the money is paid in full.

Realtor Klacik told 21 News that he has not been served with any legal papers as of Tuesday and added that he intends to resolve the issue within the next two months with five properties that he will be closing on.