The Animal Charity Humane Society is moving from its building on Market Street to a brand new building on Southern Boulevard in Boardman. 

The new building is still under construction. The humane society needs more funding to finish construction and are hoping to get $1.5 million from a bill that was passed in the house of representatives and is being considered in the senate.

Once complete, the facility will have space to hold dogs, cats, exotic animals and livestock. 

“Were going to have actual examination rooms for veterinarians to see sick animals,”  Jane MacMurchy, humane agent for the society said. “We’re going to try and really cut down on the number of abused animals and neglected animals by getting them these services sooner.”

A separate wing will be dedicated just for the Jean McClure Kelty Veterinary Clinic. There, they will be able to perform surgery and will offer low costs for spay, neuter and dental procedures. 

The blueprints for the building also include two pantries. One will be stocked with pet essentials, like dog food and cat litter, that anyone can take from free of cost. The second pantry will have items like pet enrichment toys, bowls and collars all offered at a lower cost to make add-on pet items more affordable to the community. 

The building that the society is currently in on Market Street used to be a bank in the 1940’s. MacMurchy said they are at capacity in that building and don't have space for anymore animals. The staff members also don’t have a lot of room in their current building. MacMurchy said they all share just a few desks and sometimes, she sits on the floor just to get her work done. 

The new building would give the humane agents enough space to never have to turn an animal away.

“There is such a need that if we don't start chipping away at it and start offering these services, the problem of animal abuse is not going to get better,” MacMurchy said. 

If they get the money from the bill, they would be able to fast track construction and move into the new building in just eight weeks. 

“The contractors are ready, the plans are done, the permits are done, we've started the work and we’re doing it slowly but if we want to get it all completed then  we need the senate to be there for us,” MacMurchy said. 

If the senate does not pass the bill, the humane society would still move but they would have to rely on other fundraisers to get the money they need and it would cause construction to take up to two years to complete. 

The total cost of the new building is $5,000,000.