A delivery driver in Youngstown became a crime victim on one of the busiest days of the year for pizza shops.

A driver for a Belmont Avenue pizza business tells police he was delivering a $75 order to the 2700 block of Robinwood Place on the Northside during the Super Bowl when he was approached by five teenagers whose faces were covered with hoods.

The victim says he was grabbed by two of the men, while two others pointed guns at his head.

According to the police report, the attackers took his pizzas and pulled about $80 from his pocket before running away.

The driver says as he tried to chase the teens on foot, they aimed guns at him, threatening to shoot if he didn’t stop.

The delivery driver told officers he heard a door slam at a Dupont Street apartment but was unable to see where.

Two other robberies were reported in the city earlier this month.

A delivery driver told police that men fired a shot at her and stole her car on Tyrell Avenue.

Also, a man walking on the Northside said he was punched and robbed.