People living in a Canfield neighborhood are trying to stop a possible construction project in their area.

The owner of the wooded space at the end of Laurel Hill Lane is trying to annex the land from the township to the city. People living on the street said they haven’t been told exactly what will be done with the land but they want it to stay as it is. 

“Unbelievable, I don’t think there's anybody that wants it,” Jim Pepperney said. 

Pepperney has lived on Laurel Hill for 23 years. He’s heard rumors that the space will be turned into condos or multi-family homes but he and several other neighbors don’t want that to happen. 

“We live in a great neighborhood,” Karen Curtis, a resident on Laurel Hills Lane said. “We have great neighbors and we just don't want to see something developed that isn't consistent with family life.”

Curtis was told about the possible construction after one person on her street called for a neighborhood meeting. Some are worried about the safety of the street if there's more homes. 

“All the way up the street there’s kids and you stop and think about the amount of traffic that they're going to pull down this street,” Pepperney said. 

The land currently has a “no dumping” sign posted at the front. People on the street, including Pepperney, wanted the sign put up after several construction trucks were seen coming in and out. Pepperney said those trucks dumped four large piles of sticks two weeks ago and have never been back. Other neighbors that spoke to 21 News said that one of the construction trucks got stuck in the mud on the land and had to be towed out, which caused a lot of noise late at night.

“All those heavy equipment going in is probably going to tear up the road,” Curtis said about the construction trucks.

A few members of the neighborhood have been going door to door with a petition to try and stop the annexation and any construction on the land.

“It's just a nice area that's why we bought this property, that's why we built [our house],” Pepperney said about why he wants to leave the land alone. “This is a nice area.”

The Mahoning County Commissioners vote on the annexation. They tell 21 News they don't vote based on their opinion of the annexation, they vote based on if the paperwork is filed correctly with the Mahoning County Prosecutor's Office. As of Monday, the annexation has not been approved.

21 News attempted to reach the owner of the land and did not hear back.