Poland Township Police are currently investigating after a reported rape incident involving a male 17-year-old student and another female student.

According to a police report, a school resource officer was approached by the school guidance counselor and school administration based on a written statement from a ninth grade student detailing the sexual and mental abuse she dealt with involving the suspect, identified as Alvin Jefferies.

The statement detailed an incident that occurred in the school auditorium on December 4 where Jefferies allegedly forced the victim to have sex with him behind the stage curtains threatening to kill himself if she didn't.

Police say Jefferies took video of the incident and threatened to leak them if she told anyone. A written statement provided to police by the victim alleged that this is a regular occurrence during lunch, as well as off school grounds.

Court documents reveal this conduct occurred between November and December of 2023.

Police say surveillance camera video revealed Jefferies and victim walking from the cafeteria to the auditorium around 11:30 a.m. and leave about 30 minutes later.

Poland Schools Superintendent Craig Hockenberry tells 21 News there are always two resource officers on hand at any given time monitoring the school.

"I wanna assure people that our school district is safe," said Hockenberry. "Our auditorium is off limits during the day unless we're using it for an event, 99 percent of the time every door is locked. The amount of resources time and energy we put into a safe school, we're hoping that one event doesn't define us," he said.

Police also interviewed a witness who said he was walking to the stage door of the auditorium and heard a loud clap followed by seeing a student head protruding from the chairs followed by the victim getting up and taking off quickly looking upset.

According to the report, Jefferies and his mother surrendered his cell phone which revealed nude pictures and video of the student on it. Police say the suspect admitted to meeting with the victim in the auditorium and receiving oral sex from her.

However, when police later asked Jefferies's mother for his phone's passcode, she declined at the advice of her father, who is a lawyer according to the report.

Jefferies went on to recount that he was alone in the auditorium during lunch and the victim came in. He admitted to having sex with the victim in the auditorium according to the report.

Police also say at least three other female students were victims of Jefferies. 

Police say one of those victims was pinned down by him back in May of 2023, but broke free before he could do anything. Police say the parents were aware of this, but did not pursue charges.

The report further states that Jefferies had been dating another rumored victim the previous year and he was known to manipulate her in the past, but no sexual assault had occurred.

Police say the two had not spoken within a year and that the victim communicated that she is afraid of Jefferies. Another potential victim denied being sexually assaulted by Jefferies but told police he was "very weird."

Juvenile court records show Jefferies was initially charged with eight counts of rape, six counts of assault and three counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance.

According to juvenile court employees, more charges have since been added including 10 counts of violation of a protection order, 10 counts of telephone harassment and one count of menacing.

His next court hearing will be March 19.

Poland Township Police Chief Greg Wilson tells 21 News the school is very safe and there was a vulnerable area that was sought out.