We're now just days away from the March Primary election in Ohio and 21 News is taking a look at the issues on ballots throughout the Valley. This story will take a look at the Columbiana County parks levy.

Columbiana County Parks Board Chair Eileen Dray-Bardon tells 21 News this new levy is absolutely crucial to keep the various parks in Columbiana County up and running.

Bardon says each year, the Board gets $15,000 in local government funds to maintain the parks, however a big chunk of the funding came from a nearly $500,000 sign on bonus for a gas lease about 14 years ago.

Now, that money is running out, and Bardon says that yearly $15,000 alone isn't going to cut it to keep the parks up and running.

That's why the Board is asking for a .35-mil levy to be passed to not only maintain those parks, but allow for improvements to them.

These improvements include water and electricity improvements and permanent restrooms for county parks, as well as necessary pavement and culvert improvements for the Greenway Trail specifically.

Bardon tells 21 News this trail has not had any maintenance in nearly 25 years.

This levy would cost the average homeowner in Columbiana County roughly $12.25 per year or $1.03 per month.

Bardon says this is a very small price to pay to keep the county's parks up and running and that having parks in the community plays a big role in attracting people to come visit or live there.

The levy is expected to generate $890,000 per year.