The FDA has recommended a recall of numerous cinnamon products sold across a variety of retailers due to concerns of elevated levels of lead in the products.

This recommendation follows a recent incident in which some cinnamon applesauce pouches caused lead poisoning in some children.

The FDA sent out a letter to all cinnamon manufacturers and processors in the U.S. reminding them to implement controls to prevent contamination. 

The agency is recommending a recall of ground cinnamon products sold by various brands in six different retail locations across the country including Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Save-A-Lot.



Cinnamon products from Marcum with the best by dates and UPCs of 10/16/25 10DB and 04/06/25 0400B1 were sold at Save-A-Lot. These products were found to have lead concentrations of 3.20 and 2.70 ppm respectively.

Included are cinnamon products from Supreme Tradition with the following expiration dates, UPCs, and lead concentrations:

- 09/29/25 09E8 (3.37 ppm)

- 04/17/25  04E11 (2.26 ppm)

- 12/19/25 12C2 (2.03 ppm)

- 04/12/25 04ECB12 (2.34 ppm)

- 08/24/25 08A_ _ (3.14 ppm)

- 04/21/25 04E5 (3.12 ppm)

- 04/21/25 04E5  (2.28 ppm)

- 2025-09-22 09E20 (Missouri) (3.13 ppm)

The FDA says the lead levels in all of these listed products is significantly lower than those found in the applesauce, so they do not pose as significant of a risk, but prolonged use of these products could still pose a health risk.

If you have any of the recalled products mentioned above or any others mentioned here, the FDA recommends consumers and retailers not to consume or sell the products and instead throw them away.

If you or someone you know has already consumed a recalled product and are concerned of a potential health risk, you're asked to consult your healthcare provider. Most people do not show immediately obvious symptoms of lead exposure.