Former Deputy Sheriff Anthony Tedesco has filed a civil complaint against Mercer County, and the Current Sheriff of Mercer County Tim Callahan for wrongful termination. 

Tedesco says that he was fired because of his political affiliation. He was given an Administrative Hearing Notice from Callahan just hours after Callahan was sworn in.

The notice informed Tedesco that he was suspended with pay, and required him to turn in his badge, keys, FOB, Department issued firearms and magazines, and his I.D.

Tedesco was told he would be given the chance to hear Sheriff Callahan's position in regards to his employment, and have the chance to respond. During the hearing, which took place January 4, 2024, the civil complaint says that Callahan did not explain why he was firing Tedesco.

Tedesco also alleges that he was told by Callahan he could speak at the hearing but "I don't think that there is anything that will change my mind."

Tedesco says that he has suffered a injuries and damages including lost wages, emotional distress, loss of reputation, and humiliation as a result of being fired.