Authorities in one Ohio county recommend that residents stock up and fill up before next month’s total solar eclipse.

Lorain County is in the centerline of the totality of the April 8th event, meaning the area will experience the longest duration, sending the region into afternoon darkness for nearly four minutes.

Due to their location on the line of totality, Lorain County Emergency Management officials say it’s possible that the local population could increase during the event due to visitors.

While the Eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8th, the EMA says it’s likely that many visitors will come in over the weekend to stay in the area. 

The EMA says the influx of people could cause difficulty in accessing food, gas, and supplies due to traffic issues, as well as increased traffic or jammed roadways.

In addition, there could be increased wait times for services such as hospitals, restaurants, and gas stations.

The EMA also cautions of a possible loss of cell phone signal due to a system overload.

Residents are being advised to prepare before the eclipse by gassing up vehicles and stocking up on food and drinks before the weekend of April 6.

The EMA also suggests that people avoid scheduling medical and other appointments on the day of the eclipse and avoid traveling over the weekend.

respond to different types of emergency events. During the weekend of the event, we will staff the Emergency Operations Center and be prepared to react to any adverse event and provide resources and guidance to mitigate the same.