Editor's note: The numbers listed for Trumbull Co. have been corrected to reflect the early voting for in-person and by mail for the county.

Polls for the March Primaries have long since closed and votes are still being counted across the valley but absentee votes are in.

Here's a look at how people cast their absentee ballots.

In Mahoning County, 9,205 voters cast their absentee votes, with 5,448 of those submitted being for the Democratic Primary, 3,556 for the Republican Primary and 201 nonpartisan ballots submitted by the deadline.

In Columbiana County, 2,769 voters cast their absentee votes, with 832 votes belonging to the Democratic Primary and 1,895 votes belonging to the Republican Primary. According to the county, only 42 nonpartisan ballots were submitted.

For Trumbull County, 9,440 absentee votes were cast in person and by mail, 5,329 of which went to the Democratic Primary and 4,093 to the Republican Primary. Meanwhile, just 18 nonpartisan votes were cast.

Check out full results for the primary here.