Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko attended the weekly commissioners meeting on Wednesday after losing the Republican Primary for Trumbull County Commissioner by almost 4,000 votes to Hubbard Trustee Rick Hernandez 

During the meeting, a passionate group of women sitting in the front row wearing "anti-Frenchko" shirts, told 21 News that Frenchko's exit is something they have been waiting for.

Frenchko's time in office has been rocky since 2020, marked by constant fighting, social media insults and a high-profile arrest for speaking at a meeting initiated by the county sheriff that resulted in a federal judge ruling Frenchko's rights were violated. Those charges were dismissed.

Commissioner Denny Malloy believes the county can now move forward in a positive direction.

"I believe commissioner Frenchko has some good ideas, I just think [her] delivery and some things from the start that happened years ago, just never clicked and sometimes you have to change team players," Denny Malloy, Trumbull County Commissioner said 

Rick Hernandez will face Democrat Dan Polivka in the general election in November.

"I know both are good men, both are eager to take the position and I have no doubt that either of them will have good intentions when they get here," Mauro Cantalmessa Trumbull County Commissioner said. 

Frenchko released a statement to 21 News on Wednesday: 
While I am extremely thankful for the voters who believe in me, I am disappointed that there won’t be a November ballot option for my seat who understands government and cares enough about residents to fight for what’s right. It pains me to see Trumbull County go back to business as usual.