Those attending a special committee meeting in Warren say Tod Avenue has become like a speedway.


Over 600 folks signed a petition asking that this yellow flashing light be returned to the red stop light that it once was. 

"Now there is a blinking light but I don't even go that way anymore, people just race down there," Richard E. Williamson said. 
 A homeowner at the corner of Tod and Palmyra tells council in the last three years drivers have plowed down his wife's wheelchair ramp twice in the last eight months.
Three additional crashes damaged her ramp. and over the years people have died in his yard.
"There have been four people who died within 100 feet of my door in the last 20 years," Dicy Walker said.
However, the city engineer and safety service director fear there could be liability issues if they install a light where a study shows one is not needed. 
But others here say studies ignore the dangers and concerns of more than 600 people who signed petitions asking for a red light not the blinking Yellow one drivers ignore. 
"This is my third meeting and we're still talking about it. I want solutions. What can be done, how can it be done, and when it can be done," Councilwoman Honeya Price emphasized.
 The chairperson of the traffic and safety committee wants the council to amend an ordinance so it can refer to all O-DOT manuals not just one, so the red lights can be put back on at Plymyra and Todd and a few other intersections. 
The data shows there have not been a significant number of crashes since the lights have come down. 
But folks in Warren point out that doesn't count near misses, and accidents when drivers flee the scene. 
They claim people may not report accidents for various reasons.  
In addition, parents and grandparents worry about the Jefferson Elementary School on Tod Avenue. 
Two weeks ago two students were hurt in an accident.
" I want a light restored at Palmyra and Todd along with a light at Denniosn, Parkman, and North Roads, and also Country Club and East Market Street," 
She adds the city 1.6 million dollar grant to do this.