21 WFMJ archives / March 22, 1970 | Plans were being made 54 years ago for Youngstown’s oldest reunion, the 104th Rayen School reunion, which was to be held in May in the Hotel Ohio ballroom. Probate Judge Charles P. Henderson, in a bow tie, was president of the Rayen Alumni Association. Seated from left, Mrs. Marvin Krantz, Mrs. Lucy Dennison Sutton, Miss Marjorie Thornton, and Mrs. Jane Turner Halstead. Standing, Mrs. Eleanor Gillete, Judge Henderson, Charles Rudibaugh, and Nick Wolsonovich.

March 22

1999: Promotions in the Youngstown Police Department have been on hold for almost three years while a suit filed by Martin Kane and Jimmy Hughes alleging that the city has not filled five open captaincy positions works its way through the courts. 

U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, D-Lorain, says the Prescription Drug Fairness for Senior Act, which he co-sponsors, would lower drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries by 40 percent by requiring pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to Medicare beneficiaries at the same price negotiated by other bulk purchasers, like health insurance companies. 

Three Austintown boys, Joe, John Boreo, and Steve Morse, found a bank deposit bag with $1,766 inside in the parking lot of the Kirk Road McDonalds. When they turned it in, they received a "thank you." When a reporter asked if the boys would receive a reward, the restaurant manager said that would be up to a supervisor in Cleveland. 

1984: Mahoning County Engineer Michael Fitas recommends closing the Mahoning Avenue Bridge immediately because of its deteriorating condition. 

About 150 milking goats died in a barn fire at the Cox farm on Hillsville-Pulaski Road in Mahoning Township, Pennsylvania. 

The Job Training Partnership of Ohio approves $700,000 in a grant to retrain employees displaced by the closing of the GE Lamp Plant in Youngstown and $500,000 for employees at the GATX plant in Masury. 

1974: U.S. Rep. Ralph Regula of Navarre, R-16th, calls for the House Foreign Affairs Committee to take prompt action on his resolution to block the disposition of U.S. control of the Panama Canal. 

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. will appeal an additional $602,286 in personal property taxes assessed against the company by the Ohio Tax Commission.

Youngstown Schools Supt. Robert Pegues tells 250 parents at a meeting of the West Elementary and Junior High PTAs that revised school boundaries will not involve busing students for the purpose of integration. 

A House subcommittee report says President Nixon's homes have cost taxpayers $17 million, some of it for loosely authorized items "far in excess of security needs."

1949: Ohio Water Service files suit to bar the MVSD from selling water outside the member cities of Youngstown and Niles. 

Third Ward Councilman Anthony B. Flask Jr. introduced a smoke abatement law for Youngstown modeled on Pittsburgh's law. 

The American Legion names Police Chief Edward J. Allen as the "Man of the Year" for "pulling Youngstown out of the gutter."