21  WFMJ archives / March 26, 1985 | An early spring day 39 years ago attracted picnickers to Howland Township Park. From left, Pam Dalson, A.J. Guy, Alan Horner, Brigette Mylott, and Margie Lauka, all of Howland, enjoyed the first barbecue of the year.

March 25

1999: Newton Falls police find homemade bombs, 50 firearms, 100,000 rounds of ammunition, 7,000 prescription pills, and $27,000 in cash during a raid at a duplex on Newton Drive.

The Youngstown Central Area Community Improvement Corp. is working on plans to move the Seventh District Court of Appeals into the old federal bankruptcy courtroom in the former downtown post office, which is now the City Hall Annex. 

Mahoning County Sheriff Phil Chance has given one police officer commission to his 19-year-old son, who is also listed as a reserve officer.

1984: The Youngstown State University Board of Trustees names Dr. Neil Humphrey as president of YSU after a two-hour closed meeting following Dr. John Coffelt's announced retirement. Humphrey had been acting president for six months during Dr. Coffelt's medical leave. 

A 27-year-old Youngstown man suspected of shooting to death Youngstown police Sgt. R. Franklin "Buddy" Taylor turns himself in and denies killing Taylor. 

Scot Ingram, 33, who was a child model for six years for painter Norman Rockwell, speaks to members of the Penn-Ohio Plate Collectors Club at First Presbyterian Church of Hubbard. He was the young boy in "Discovery," a Saturday Evening Post cover that showed a boy finding a Santa Claus suit in a dresser drawer.  

1974: Three boys, 16 and 17 years old, are sentenced to permanent commitments to the Ohio Youth Commission after being found guilty of delinquency by armed robbery. 

James Jarvis, assistant superintendent of Youngstown public schools, says the city's segregated schools have evolved as the racial make-up of neighborhoods has changed, creating de facto segregation of a kind never resolved by the courts. 

The temperatures in Youngstown fluctuated wildly during March, from a balmy 72 degrees on the third to a record low of 3 degrees on the 25th. 

1949: Retired teachers of Mahoning County join a statewide movement for pension increases. The average monthly payment is $75, with many receiving $30 or less. 

The Ohio Association of Music Teachers awards five outstanding music students, Marilyn L. Seagrave, Irene Kramarich, Evelyn Kolesar, Milard Altman, and Andrew Lisko, scholarships of $100 each.