21 WFMJ archives / March 30, 1968 | Among those at the kickoff meeting for the membership campaign of the Youngstown Chapter of the NAACP at Tabernacle Baptist Church 56 years ago were, from left, J. Ronald Pittman, executive director of the Mayor’s Human Relations Committee; the Rev. Morris W. Lee, pastor of Third Baptist Church; Mrs. Eugenia Atkinson,  NAACP membership secretary, and Atty. Floyd Haynes, who presided over the meeting. The goal was 3,000 new or renewed members.

March 29

1999: Youngstown went 53 days without a homicide, the longest streak in nine years. The city has had five homicides this year, compared to 13 at this time in 1998,

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that opening school board meetings with prayer is unconstitutional. But the Youngstown Board of Education has been opening with a prayer for 16 years, and there are no plans to change. 

The United Auto Workers union says the modular assembly concept General Motors is proposing for the Lordstown Assembly Plant is "just another word for outsourcing jobs."

1984: The final tank railroad car rolls off the assembly line at the GATX plant in Masury, and the last 60 to 70 production workers are laid off, marking the end of what was once the major employer in Trumbull County's Brookfield area.

After two days of hard bargaining, a tentative agreement is reached between Youngstown Steel Door Co. and USW Local 2310 that could end a six-month strike and would allow about 100 of the company's 500 to 600 employees to return to work. Most of the employees are laid off. 

Four men and a woman, including an employee of the Youngstown Credit Bureau, are charged by the federal government with using false credit information to finance cars. 

1974: A 19-year-old 9th grader at Scienceville Junior High in Youngstown is suspended indefinitely for striking a teacher. 

A 1973 survey by the U.S. Department of Interior finds seven bald eagle nests in Ohio. 

A malfunction in an electric induction furnace at Commercial Shearing Inc. on Logan Avenue causes a series of explosions that send molten metal throughout the foundry, causing extensive damage. 

1949: Helen Papazickos of New Castle, Pa., is elected May Queen at Westminster College. 

Youngstown enters its 23 rd consecutive day without a traffic fatality and Police Chief Edward Allen has sent letters to service station attendants in the city asking them to remind their customers that the city is on a roll and that they should drive carefully. 

About 250 workers at Republic Steel Corp.'s Youngstown plant are out of work as a result of a wildcat strike by 30 loader helpers in the plant's open hearth. More lines could be affected and more workers laid off if the walkout continues.