The suspect in a hit-skip crash that killed a woman in Austintown back in March appeared in court Wednesday morning.

According to court records, 49-year-old James Stehura is charged with reckless homicide, tampering with evidence and hit skip with serious injury or death in the Mahoning County Court in Austintown.

The judge set a $20,000 10% cash-assured bond for Stehura.

The charges stem from a crash on March 11 that claimed the life of 66-year-old Linda Adams who was out in the street walking her dog on Lancaster Drive near Carlisle Avenue.

Austintown Sergeant Jeff Churella said after arriving on the scene, they broken pieces of plastic from a headlight, showing a vehicle-part ID number on it. With that information, along with a neighbor's security footage, police were able to verify the alleged truck in the incident.

"It just kind of correlated that we have the right part, the right part number with the right model year compared to the video," Churella said, "Then that following morning, we reached out to an officer that works for the Ohio BMV and they're able to run through their database a better search than we're able to."

He said Stehura's alleged truck happened to be the only one in the area that matched up and was registered to an address less than half a mile from where the hit-skip happened. From there, detectives obtained additional evidence and tips regarding Stehura's whereabouts before the incident occurred.

Police also heard from an employee of Stehura's who allegedly informed police that the alleged truck was in a nearby garage.

Police believe Stehura attempted to conceal his truck and damage from the incident.

According to Adams's family, she worked in the janitorial department in the Austintown School District.

The truck Stehura was allegedly driving at the time of the incident was caught on a Ring doorbell camera.