If you have strong feelings about the eclipse tomorrow, you're not alone.

The awe-inspiring natural phenomenon can trigger a wide range of emotions, from amazement to anxiety. Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Nicole Ranttila says the abnormality of the event can bring unexpected reactions that are important to both recognize and embrace.

"For people who may be prone to anxiety or have trouble with unpredictability, it could trigger a lot of feelings of unease and restlessness. For some people, the excess excitement of emotions can be a trigger for difficulty as well," Dr. Ranttila notes.

Dr. Ranttila adds that children may have a harder time with emotional awareness and control, so you may want to check in with how they're feeling before and during the solar event.

"Little ones are always looking to us to set the tone to see how we're feeling, so I think it's a great opportunity to show kids that sometimes when things are out of the ordinary, or when things are kind of that big once-in-a-lifetime event, that we can look at it as a way to learn, a way to come together," she tells 21News.

Overall, witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse should be enjoyable and inspire stronger connections with those you share the memory with. Dr. Ranttila advises trying a few anxiety-reducing techniques to soothe any overwhelm, such as taking deep breaths or making notes of things you can physically observe through touch, smell, hearing, sight, or taste.