A Youngstown man accused of child endangering after a one-year-old suffered third degree burns has been found not guilty of endangering the child.

According to court records, a jury found 23-year-old Devontay Anderson not guilty of one count of child endangering.

Back in November, Anderson was accused of being involved in an incident where a one-year-old child suffered third-degree burns on his feet.

According to a police report filed in November, Anderson had told police the child was in the sink and he didn't know how he got burned. 

At the time, the child's mother had told police the only bathroom sink in the apartment was wet and the floor around the sink was soaked and that the child's pants were wet and didn't appear to be burned by flames.

The mother further explained to police that the child likes to play with water and it is possible he climbed on the sink and turned it on by himself.