Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives made several campaign stops across the region.

Two GOP candidates in Ohio want your vote, one for a special June 11th election, and the next for the November 5, 2024 general election.

U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno a businessman,  legal immigrant, and dad to four kids, who surged in the polls with Donald Trump's backing told the crowd at the Republican Party Headquarters in Lisbon, Columbiana County, that he will work to make it so the American dream is attainable once again for our kids and grandchildren.  

Moreno is running against long-time democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown.
"The idea of the basic American dream of being able to own a home, and a car, being able to graduate from high school, have a good job that allows you to live a good life and retire debt free is being taken away, that this country is taken better care of illegal aliens, and even veterans, and it's not even close. They're being dramatically taken care of and we want sanity back," Candidate for U.S. Senate Bernie Moreno said.
"Sherrod Brown pretends to be a friend of the working class but he's not. He has a voting record that's almost 100% aligned with Joe Biden. This is a guy who has voted for the most radical Green New Deal ideology. This is a guy who voted to impeach Donald Trump. he's voted against the border wall. He has voted against prohibiting aliens from being transported all over the country. He's for wide open borders," Moreno added.
Moreno asked the crowd where they thought Brown got his education, then explained he got his degree at Yale University, and said he came from a wealthy family and majored in Russian studies.
"If you want normalcy back, if you want common sense back in Washington D.C. vote for me. We need an outsider, a businessperson. Sherrod Brown has been running for office since Richard Nixon was president. We need people who are going to go there to serve and then come home. Sherrod Brown does not deserve any more time in Washington D.C. lets retire him,"  
State Senator Michael Rulli is running for the US House of Representatives against Democrat Michael Kripchak.
Rulli is asking for your vote for the June 11th special election.
Rulli says he will bring common sense to Washington D.C. to make your lives better by cutting government spending to bring down inflation so everyday needs are less expensive. 
"I want to create a culture where our children stay here, so we have to make sure the jobs are here that they need. I want to shut down the border. I want to make sure we keep fentanyl away from our kids. We have enough energy right here in Ohio to supply the earth for 600 years. That would probably be my main point of focus," State Senator and candidate for State Representative Michael Rulli said.
Rulli added, "With inflation, the administration is pricing people out from being able to buy the car they want. They can't buy groceries, they can't afford insurance. They can't even afford their rent, so we have to keep inflation down. One way to do that is to cut government spending. The government spending through the last administration has been through the roof. We have to cut back on that."
Republican Party Chair is David Johnson tells us every Columbiana Countywide office is now held by a Republican.
Even the Clerk of Courts who has held that position for around 40 years joined the Republican Party, after explaining the Democratic Party left him.
Johnson tells us the party's goals include turning out the vote in a major way for Michael Rulli on June 11th and Bernie Moreno on November 5th. 
Rulli received 77% of the vote in Columbiana County in the last election. 
The goal is 80% for the July 11th, 2024 election.
"We just got to get motivated and get every friend, and neighbor. We have to get out to the polls and win. We got to carry Columbiana County by 80 percent," GOP Party Chairman David Johnson emphasized. 
Both Moreno and Rulli campaigned in Youngstown, Lisbon, and Steubenville.