After Iran launched more than 300 drones and ballistic cruise missiles at Israel, The Youngstown Area Jewish Federation has issued a statement.

Iran attacked Israel in reaction to a suspected Israeli attack on a Iranian diplomatic complex in Syria.

A 7-year-old girl was injured in the assault by shrapnel, but no other people was harmed during it.

However, about 99% of the barrage sent by Iran was shot down, according to the Israeli Defense Forces.

The organization says it is closely following the attack made by Iran and condemns them in the fullest extent possible, according to the statement.

"We stand in solidarity with Israel and the IDF as they work to defend themselves against these brazen attacks. And we are grateful to the American armed forces and other allies who are helping defend our beloved State of Israel," the statement says. "We pray for the safety of all those defending Israel in this fight."

A cease fire plan, proposed by the United States last week, was rejected by Hamas yesterday April 13. It added that it is ready to do a prisoners-for-hostages swap deal that would see the release o 133 hostages still believed to be held in Gaza.