On Tuesday night 21 News reported cuts coming to the Youngstown City Schools in an effort to bring the district's massive projected deficits under control.

It was a move that was not unexpected, as 21 News laid out over several months all of the positions Youngstown pays for that other, similar districts do not. But facing a deficit of $17 million in the next two years, the savings announced on Tuesday are only a fraction of the ground the district needs to make up.

21 News took a look at some of the moves the union and one school board member want to see happen next as we continue to follow the money.

After the Youngstown City School District(YCSD)  announced 20 staff cuts to save the district close to $4 million, the teacher's union is calling for more cuts to come from the top--the administration.

"Eliminating redundancies like you know, why are there multiple people at the top that oversee certain things, oversee the same people, and oversee the same programs? That is something that needs to be addressed. You don't need like four coordinators or two coordinators," Eric Teutsch, YEA union president said.

Those positions have been detailed in a series of 21 News Watchdog Reports, showing that the district has a disproportionate number of administrators when compared to similar districts.

In fact, Youngstown has more than five times as many educational administrative specialists as Akron, even though that district is four times larger.

The aforementioned positions are different from the number of deans. School board member, Brenda Kimble says there are about half a dozen deans in the school district. She feels that amount is too many.

"Dean of schools I think that we could eliminate because we have a principal and vice principal in every district or building in the district. And I think that they are capable of controlling the buildings themselves without the help of the deans," Kimble said.

On top of that, as our reporting as uncovered, the district pays out millions in contracts with outside vendors, many of whom provide similar services as well.

"I think they can take a look at what the model is that other districts have used in regards academic coaching your understanding in other districts and you know one in the valley that the academic coaches are actual classroom teachers it gets a period of two a day to go and coach they're teaching most of the day and then they're going off and coaching I don't see why we can't implement that model here," Teutsch told 21 News. 

In a statement, YCSD's superintendent Jeremy Batchelor, said vendor contracts are under review, but he declined to answer questions for this story.

Teutsch said any vendor whose services are redundant should end.