Construction work along Western Reserve Road in Boardman will now be focused on a stretch east of Market Street for the next three weeks.

Beginning Monday, April 29, a stretch of Western Reserve Road, east of Market Street is closed, according to the Mahoning County Engineer. Market Street will stay open.

The 16,000 drivers that typically take the route daily must detour along McClurg Road, Southern Boulevard, to Western Reserve Road.

The road is closed because AT&T is relocating an underground fiber optic bank. A new culvert will be installed once the fiber optic bank has been relocated.

The road closure is expected to cause some delays for drivers, and surrounding businesses are concerned it could negatively impact their sales.

"We understand progress has to take place but some of the work and the extent to which the work has been done," said Ron Taylor, Owner of Boards to Gather. "Given the fact that we're a brand new business, it had made getting up and running a little bit more difficult."

Taylor told 21 News he is trying to make the most of the literal 'roadblock' for his business. He's even offering a 15% construction discount to those to make it to his store, despite construction.

"We have people inquiring about whether or not they can still get here," Taylor told 21 News. "The biggest concern for me is who doesn't call me just thinking that they can't get here. With Mother's Day coming up, which we are hoping will be one of our busiest days of the year, we're hoping that the construction isn't going to be a deterrent to people coming to visit us."

Mr. Darby's Emporium is located just a few hundred feet away from construction. The owner told 21 News he's frustrated about the lack of communication on the project.

"We're okay dealing with what comes our way, it would just be nice to know what's coming our way," Taylor echoed. "If I understood the construction schedule, we would be able to work within the confines of whatever the situation is."

For some people who live and work nearby, it's an everyday hassle.

"It kind of hurt me when I went the back way to Southern Boulevard," said John Keys of Boardman. "I had to go the alternate route and just kind of drive around like a joy ride."

Keys said it takes longer to reach his apartment and workplace every day. 

Some stores like Expert Outfitters Gun Shop, located just south of Western Reserve Road and Market Street said their sales are steady despite the road burden.

The portion of the road should reopen by the end of May.