Warren police rescued a dog that was found abandoned and wounded in a home deemed to be in deplorable conditions on Tuesday.

Healthy Hearts and Paws Project President and CEO Jason Cooke tells 21 News the dog (pictured above) was found in a home on the 1100 Block of Palmyra Road in Warren.

The dog was allegedly abandoned in the home and was observed to be extremely underweight and had a large open mass on her side with heavy insect activity.

No food or water were present in the home. You can take a look at the home's conditions in the slideshow above.

Cooke tells 21 News the dog was taken to to the vet to be evaluated. Cooke says the dog, who he named Beatrice was placed on fluids and antibiotics since the large mass is infected.

From there, Beatrice will need to undergo chest x-rays and will need to undergo multiple surgeries in order to have the mass removed. Surgery is expected to cost $3,000.

Cooke is encouraging the public to help pay for this surgery by donating. You can donate directly to Countryside Veterinary Service in Kinsman by calling 330-876-5555.

Cooke says charges are expected to be filed, but there is no word on any specific suspects in this case.