A new trustee was unanimously appointed to fill the role following Robert Root's resignation in April at Tuesday's special meeting.

It's the latest change in leadership, as the township faces financial troubles and an ongoing state audit investigation.

44-year-old Mike Haddle was chosen to finish the term of former trustee Robert Root, who resigned during a workshop on April 18. Dascenzo and Pegg both selected Mike Haddle for the job. Haddle has lived in Vienna since 2011. He's served on the zoning board of appeals and is also a veteran and college graduate.

Haddle was selected after an open interview process that also included Kim Ellis, Joe Hray, Douglas Gollan, Sr. and Tarin Brown. Trustees asked candidates questions surrounding zoning, the Youngstown Airport, tax abatements, and if they would help plow roads.

"There were five great candidates and they're all solid people in the community," Haddle said. "It was tough competition to get into a job that's going to be tough."

"I want to thank you guys for interviewing all of us," Brown said to the trustees. "That's important to do for transparency."

Trustee Phil Pegg said he admired Haddle's history in the Marine Corps.

"He's worked different things in the community," Pegg said. "He's ex-military. With the air base, I just thought that was a distinct advantage he was the only one who had served. I expected quite a few more to apply," Pegg added. "I had probably 10 other feelers."

"In the Marines, we don't sit back on the heels," Haddle said. "There's a problem in the community. The community needs help and it's not in my nature to just sit down and not move forward."

With over $1.3 million township dollars that are currently unaccounted for, its a position all candidates agreed they would take on without pay or insurance.

"For someone to step up and say, 'Hey, I'm willing to sit up here and get my teeth kicked in. But I'm going to help straighten stuff out. We're going to work together. We're going to be more transparent," said Trustee Richard Dascenzo. "That takes a lot so you have to be a real fighter to want to be up here right now."

Haddle hopes to be transparent with Vienna residents and work to pull the township out of financial uncertainty but he said it could take some time.

"We need to implement control so we have quarterly accounting and implementing a process so we have more transparency moving forward regarding the township's finances," Haddle said. "Everyone wants solutions right now but you need to take a step back in this community. Let the audits get done."

Haddle said the township needs to find the "full grasp" of the nature of the township's financial concerns moving forward. 

Vienna Township is also searching for a fiscal officer after Rhonda Root resigned on May 8. Applicants but be a Vienna Twp. resident and be registered to vote.

Trustee Pegg told 21 News he is unsure if he will retain his role as Chairman. He does not plan to run for township trustees again, once his term is up in 2027.