Within one week, Youngstown Police have been called to the privately-run prison on the city’s Eastside four times to investigate three stabbings and one assault.

The latest occurred in a cell at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center on Hubbard Road Thursday Morning where an inmate was stabbed in the hand and leg.

Prison officials found a sharpened piece of metal they believe is the weapon used.

Another prisoner, who on video can be seen entering the victim’s cell before the stabbing, confessed to the crime according to police.

The day before, an inmate in the prison’s Day Room was assaulted with a broomstick. Authorities say he wasn’t seriously injured.

Early Monday afternoon, an inmate was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after being stabbed at the prison.

Last Thursday night, an inmate was stabbed in the prison shower.  Prison officials say the inmate was hospitalized but returned to the prison the next morning.

Police reports to not name the victims or suspected offenders.