We're almost 100 days away from the 178th Canfield Fair and with the new season comes new improvements. 

The Canfield Fair Board announced its 2024 capital improvements on Friday with some of these improvements already beginning including the demolition of a house on the southwest corner of the fairgrounds.

Other forthcoming improvements will consist of the replacement of the fence around the racetrack, the installation of new doors on the rabbit and poultry buildings and a controlled burn of the pumpkin barn, which will double as a training exercise for the Cardinal Joint Fire District.

This year, the pumpkin display along with the commemorative photo sign will be located in the Grange Building, just 50 feet away from its original home. 

Additionally, the coliseum at the north end of the fairgrounds will be painted and pressure washed.

"Keeping the Fairgrounds updated, and welcoming is paramount for the Canfield Fair Board and a continual conversation that we have throughout the year. Obviously, we want to put our best foot forward every day, but having a deadline at the end of August each year really keeps us on task," said 2024 Fair Board President Dave Mannion.