21 WFMJ archives / May 20, 1962The Ohio National Guard rededicated its W. Rayen Avenue armory to the memory of Col. Wade C. Christy of  Youngstown on Armed Forces Day 62 years ago. At the podium, Brig. Gen Donald J. Lynn reviewed Christy’s 63-year military career and his role in locating the armory in Youngstown in 1925.

May 20

1999: Testifying during a racketeering trial of three former associates, mobster Lenny Strollo says his business was the Mafia and killing people "was just part of the business I was in."

Organizers of Warren's Memorial Day parade are looking for Civil War re-enactors to march in this year's parade, which has a theme of "Lest We Forget."

Residents of Campbell's 1st Ward gathered outside the administration building to oppose Campbell Commons, a low-income housing development.

1984: Youngstown State and Kent State University officials are meeting to discuss complaints that Kent is "poaching" prospective YSU students to its branch campuses. 

Boardman and Austintown teachers are at the forefront locally of the rush for teachers to obtain master's degrees. 

Youngstown Postmaster Patrick Kelly says that homeowners who own dogs that bite mail carriers risk the loss of home delivery. 

1974: Carbon monoxide from a smoldering grill kills a Baltimore man and sickens his wife at the Warren Motor Lodge on Route 5 at the Ohio Turnpike. The couple had used the grill for a barbeque the night before and took it to their room, believing the coals were out. 

Members of the Liberty Education Association declare two professional days to discuss problems caused by the defeat of a 3.2 mill levy. They will not report for scheduled classes on those two days. 

Dr. Claude R. Sowle resigned as president of Ohio University to protest "the mindless destructive events of the past week," which saw repeated instances of violence or disruption on the OU campus. 

1949: A near tornado rips through Youngstown's North Side tearing off roofs, uprooting trees and crippling industry. One person is injured.

Dr. Howard D. Talbott, a national figure in the Presbyterian ministry and pastor of Youngstown's First Presbyterian Church, is killed when his car skids into the path of another during a thunderstorm near Fredonia, N.Y. 

Truscon Steel Co.'s Youngstown plant, one of the district's largest steel-consuming plants, begins expanding operations and recalls 250 of 400 workers who have been laid off. An upturn has sales running ahead of the pace set in 1948.