On Friday, the family of a 15-year-old who was shot and killed in Youngstown back in 1999 gathered to celebrate what would have been a major milestone in his life, his 40th birthday.

25 years later, gun-related deaths involving children continue to be a major concern in the City of Youngstown. LoRhon Carter's family takes time every year to celebrate his life. The family was also celebrating LoHron's nephew's birthday, KoHron.

"We remember my brother every time we do this," said Lorenzo Carter, LoHron's brother. "We love bringing family together from generations on and on."

Back in 1999, the then 15-year-old was shot in the neck and killed by his 13-year-old friend, Condido Varona.

The child did not know his uncle's shotgun was loaded when he pulled the trigger. Varona's uncle, David Cobb, was found guilty of child endangering for not keeping his weapon secured.

It seems as if history continues to repeat itself, deadly weapons getting into the hands of children is an ongoing issue in and around Youngstown.

Now, Carter's family continues to keep LoRhon in their spirits and hearts, all these years later.

"What's going on today is just a good time for the family to get together and remember one great person that everybody loved," Lorenzo Carter added.

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