When Farrell police arrived with lights and sirens outside Twin City Elks Lodge on Staunton Street most of the crowd outside scattered.

Witnesses told police at around 2:30 in the morning there was a fight between Louis Brewer, 23-year-old Yishmael Lee, and 22-year-old Lay'Onte Hammonds.

They tell police Brewer punched the victim in the face to get him off of Lee, and then Lee fired and allegedly shot the victim.

One person was waiting with a flashlight to get police officers' attention.

When police got to that spot the victim Lay'Onte Hammonds was on the ground with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

Police attempted life-saving measures but the victim died at the hospital.

The club requires an ID to go inside to enjoy the food and music and a sign stating, "NO Firearms, No Knives, NO drugs, No alcohol.

It's possible cameras caught the fight and the shooting on video.

A warrant has been issued for Lee's arrest.

He's facing a charge of first-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Two shooting incidents in three days has residents concerned about escalating violence before summer.

Friday morning a gun battle outside a convenience store began when a 49-year-old white man pulled out a gun and allegedly shot at an officer.

A witness tells police when the gunman was walking toward the cop with his gun pointed at the officer an unidentified man saw what was happening and shot the suspect.

A Farrell resident tells us he and many others support law enforcement and want the violence to stop.

"They're a great bunch of guys. What I don't like is seeing them harassed, then trying to have somebody try to assassinate one of them, shoot them because we need them. We don't need these kids on the streets playing wild west, has to go," Glenn Siminick said.