The Mathews Local School Board will not continue the last year of a contract with Vienna Township to provide School Resource Officers.
The school district believes in light of the financial crisis the township faces it must explore other options.
At Mathews Local School District School two School Resource Officers have walked the halls helping counselors, teachers, and administration ensure the safety of students for about the last four years on a full-time basis. 
But the board voted to give 30 days' notice to end its contract with Vienna Township. 
The board says that Vienna Township is possibly missing from one million to three million dollars, and only four officers on duty each day 24-7 could add up to no resource officers for their schools and students.
"We want to ensure we are able to have police support here at all times, so that is the whole reason why we are wanting to open up our options, so we can move ahead forward in September when we reopen," Superintendent Russell McQuaid explained. 
 Two school board members did not vote since they are related to a Vienna Trustee. 
Prior to this contract even when the Matthews School District couldn't afford a SRO, Vienna Police Department and the Township stepped up to help so this was a difficult decision.
"We've had a very good working relationship with Vienna Township Trustees, and with Vienna Township Police Department over this contract. We have been very appreciative of all that they've done, and it was a very hard choice for us," McQuaide added. 
A renewal levy will be requested for Mathews Local School District.
Mathews Local School District will also be asking voters this November to renew a 7.8 mill levy for five years to keep schools operating with the  urrent service. 
The school treasurer says taxes property owners pay will stay the same as they have been for the past 15 years.