An East Liverpool family discovered something that they say is from out of this world.

Homeowner Carter Hawkins was walking outside of his home around 11 p.m. Saturday when he heard a thump. Carter said the thump was so loud, he was able to hear it while listening to music on his earbuds.

After looking in his yard, Hawkins found a rock and a hole just a feet away. He also said smoke was coming from the rock.

"It hit right here, and it shot straight out towards the driveway. And we found it 30 minutes later and it was still kind of warm," said Hawkins.

When picking up the rock, Hawkins used an oven mitt to protect his hand from the heat. That night, he took the rock inside his home.

The rock was magnetic, which is a common trait for meteorites. Because of this and the heat, Hawkins believes it came from space. 

"My son said you need to check it daddy to see if it's a meteorite, so that's what I did and voila," said Hawkins.

Although there is no way to tell if the rock is from space without additional testing, expects said seeing a meteorite is fairly common. Even so, most rocks from space burn up before hitting the ground.

"There's Probably tens of tons of dust from the solar system that burns up in the atmosphere every day, but you know most of that doesn't reach the ground," said Patrick Durrell, Astronomy professor at Youngstown State University.

In order to know for sure if the rock is from space, Hawkins will need to send it to an expert to do testing.

A report from a couple in Portersville, PA said a meteor was spotted in the sky around the same time Saturday night.