The Ohio House has passed Senate legislation to end the practice of artificial capping of fees by insurance companies in the dental industry, according to State Representative Nick Santucci whose district includes part of Trumbull County.

Santucci introduced a companion version of this legislation in the House to end what he claimed to be "unethical" dental insurance practices.

"I'm pleased to see this legislation get approval from both chambers," Santucci said. "This is important legislation that will protect dental care providers who do important work for Ohioans without being burdened by arbitrary fee structures."

The legislation will allow dentists to negotiate their fees for services directly with patients if the service is not covered by the patient's insurer. A dentist must provide an estimated cost of each dental service prior to the work being done.

Additionally, this legislation will enter Ohio into the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact to facilitate the interstate practice of dentistry and dental hygiene. Once Ohio is a member of the compact, licensed dentists and dental hygienists in Ohio will be allowed to practice within the other states that make up the compact.

The legislation will now head to Governor DeWine's office for his consideration.