President Joe Biden issued a statement on Monday regarding Ultium Cells and the UAW workers in Lordstown's approval of their contract the day before.

The statement read:

"I congratulate the United Auto Workers and Ultium Cells for reaching a historic agreement in Lordstown, Ohio, where UAW workers are manufacturing batteries for General Motors electric cars and trucks. This agreement significantly increases wages and ensures critical health and safety and scheduling protections for 1,600 workers. 

Five years ago, the previous administration made false promises to Lordstown workers – and then stood by as the community lost jobs and faced economic devastation. Today, Lordstown is a comeback story and it didn't happen by accident. With the help of my Investing in America agenda, the UAW and companies like General Motors are building the future of autos in America while we bring back good paying union jobs to communities like Lordstown. This agreement ensures that these union jobs will continue to be middle class jobs that allow workers to support their families."

Ultium Cells workers, members of United Autoworkers Union Local 1112, overwhelmingly approved their 4-year contract Sunday, with a 98 percent approval rate.

The vote by the 1,600 Ultium Cells workers took place from Friday through Sunday. The new contract goes into effect Monday and expires April 30, 2028.