Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) has announced a card for individuals with autism to present to law enforcement during encounters with them.

These cards are designed to alert law enforcement officers that the person has autism and may be nonverbal, bothered by loud noise, sensitive to touch and unresponsive to commands or questions. 

This would direct officers to be patient, use a calm and direct voice and keep their questions and commands simple.

Folks are encouraged to present the card not just to PSP Troopers but any law enforcement officers they may encounter.

"Behaviors associated with autism can cause barriers to effective communication. This card can be presented to reduce those barriers. When an officer is made aware a person has autism, they can respond accordingly, resulting in a safer interaction for everyone involved," said PSP Commander Colonel Christopher Paris.

Those who are interested in getting one of these cards can do so here.  The card will also be distributed at PSP community events. Folks are encouraged to store the card in their wallet or save it on their phone.