Police in Boardman are trying to identify the man who urinated on sandwiches displayed at a local department store.

According to a police report, a customer reported seeing a man urinating on a deli counter full of sandwiches Wednesday night.

Police obscured the business's name in the report released to the media. However, the address is listed as 1300 Doral Drive.

Security video shows the man getting up from his electric shopping cart and leaning against the deli counter before checking out at the cash register.

The report says store employees found urine on the sandwiches and the floor of the shopping cart.

According to the report, the report says 65 sandwiches worth more than $500 had to be thrown out and the deli case was cleaned.

Police gave the below description of the suspect:

  • White Male
  • 6'0", 200 pounds
  • White hair wearing a red "Make America Great Again" ball cap
  • Transitional style glasses (dark when entering the store)
  • Peach colored horizontal striped shirt, black shorts, tan flip-flop sandals wearing a lanyard around his neck with an unknown plastic placard attached bronze metal cane (placed in the metal basket of the electric cart)

Police say the suspect was driving a 4-door maroon Chevrolet Cruze.