One group in Hubbard has been busy at work for years, trying to restore the former Roosevelt Elementary School into a new era for Hubbard students and residents.

The Hubbard Youth Coalition has dedicated its efforts to creating a wellness center in town, flipping the former Roosevelt Elementary School into a new purpose.

"This is going to be a true community center," explained James Chaney, President of the Hubbard Youth Coalition. "We're going to open this to seniors in the mornings from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. when the kids are in school. Then, the sports teams will be able to come down after school and the youth will be able to use it in the evening."

The Hubbard Youth Coalition has fundraised for 3 years, working to earn just shy of $200k for the Roosevelt Student Wellness Center, located at 110 Orchard Avenue.

Several foundations show their generosity, by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the complex.

"The community is going to be able to work out, play pickleball, basketball, we'll have batting cages a golf simulator," Chaney explained. "And as importantly, we are going to try and be as creative as possible to have programming. Whether that's fall prevention classes, nutrition classes, chair yoga for the elderly, for example."

Plans are in the works to begin Phase #3 soon, where a multipurpose room, new ceilings, floors, and railing alterations will be on the way. The community gathered on Friday to celebrate this new chapter for Hubbard.

"I am thrilled with the way the community has responded," Chaney added. "Through financial contributions, there was a lot of dust and a lot of hard work. The community has been very active in the entire process. It's been overwhelming seeing the support that we've received from the community."

The Roosevelt Student Wellness Center is the location of a Car Cruise Event on Saturday, June 29 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free hot dogs and water, vendor tents, tours of the Roosevelt Student Wellness Center will be provided. 

On Sunday, June 30, the center will host a Wellness Fair from noon to 4 p.m. Yoga will take place at noon, Zumba at 2 p.m., and nutrition seminar at 3 p.m.

Visit this link to learn more about the center and to contribute to Phase #3, #4, and #5.