Cortland recently received a major financial boost to improve its emergency operations in the area.

About $2.15 million will go toward helping the city build its Safety Service Complex, which aims to house the fire and police departments and the City of Cortland's administrative offices on North High Street near city hall.

"This new facility promises to enhance public safety operations significantly and cater to the evolving needs of our community," a news release from the city said about the recently secured money.

Special Project's Coordinator Jeffrey Jiang told 21 News in March that the project was necessary because all of its current facilities were constructed in the 1980's.

At that time, they were primarily used by voluntary fire fighters.

"They were never meant for what we're using them for now," Jiang said.

Looking at strictly the firefighter side, the project would include a separate living space for fire crews. As it stands, they sleep in rooms with a locker for their equipment, which can sometimes contain toxic elements like carcinogens after putting out a fire.

The complex will also serve as a community engagement hub and disaster response coordination center, according to a news release from the city.

This funding will help bring the costs of the project down as the complex is estimated to cost about $10 million.

The city is still hoping for federal assistance for the project, however that isn't expected until next year, according to Jiang.

The city received this money as part of Ohio's recently approved capital budget, which was signed by Gov. Mike DeWine Friday.