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Men's Rally in the Valley

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Phil the Patriarch of the Robertson family and Duck Dynasty had a message for young teens and men, honor your mother and father, don't commit adultery, murder, or covet possessions. Robertson told the crowd at the Men's Rally in the Valley, that crime has gone up since we started taking the ten commandments out of the courthouse, with more people ending up in the courthouse.

Robertson told the thousands of men who were listening, that when he quoted scripture, he was attacked. Robertson added the battle is spiritual. The Duck Commander said, "When you lose your religion and morality the last thing to go is your freedom, and you will lose it if you lose religion and morality". 

Before he took center stage, he met with Julie Johnson and her 13-year-old son Hayden to pray. Hayden was not expected to live beyond the age of 2 due to a brain tumor. Johnson thanked the Men of Faith for prayer for her son for all these years. She told 21 News she and her family were invited to meet the Robertsons', and was excited Phil prayed with them. Johnson brought Miss Kay some blueberry donuts from White House Fruit Farms. She said, "It was wonderful meeting Phil, Miss Kay, Alan, all of them!" 

The Duck Commander's oldest son, Pastor Al says his family's mission is to remind everyone to stay true to God and his word. He talked with 21 News about priorities in life saying, "The main thing we're here to talk about is faith, family and ducks. For other people it's faith, family and whatever their passion is. What we tell people is you've got to get it in the right order, you've got to get your faith down first, you've got to take care of your family, and whatever your passion that God puts on your heart, serve it to the fullest extent. We love speaking to men, on how to be better dad's, husbands and men of God. We are glad to be a part of this event." 

The Executive Director of the Men's Rally in the Valley, Bing Newton, and his wife went to Louisiana to get the Robertson's to come to to the region. He didn't take no for an answer going to the location of the Duck Dynasty for two weeks, and then to their church. Newton gives credit to God saying the stars of Duck Dynasty get 200 to 400 requests a day to speak. Newton said, "Phil only accepts 12 speaking arrangements a year, and Youngstown, Ohio gets one of them so that's exciting!" He tells 21 News a few hundred men accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and dozens were baptized. Newton wants men to realize how important they are in the life of their church, community and family. He wanted them to leave the rally with renewed faith and strength to stand on principles and values. 
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