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Youngstown's private prison officials meet with city, state leaders

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - After a lock down at the Community Corrections Prison in Youngstown earlier this week, representatives from the Tennessee based system were in town Friday to meet with city officials.

The prison was criticized for not notifying city officials of what was going on. Several inmates refused to return to their cells in a peaceful protest Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday morning, something the city's police chief should have been notified about.

A mandate between the city and the prison requires the prison operator CCA, to inform the city and its safety forces about ongoing incidents.  But the mandate enforcing that line of communication was not followed in the hours following a what's being described as a "sit-in".

"The spokesperson was kind enough to say that there were some things that they did not do right," Rep. Bob Hagan said. "From this point forward, there is a clear understanding that they are going to do everything that's required of them both at the state level and the contractual level at the city."

Representative Hagan says the feds have pulled back on investigating the handling of the lock down this week, because the protest was non-violent. 

The city has yet to received a mandatory written report on the incident, which is supposed to be sent to the city within 24 hours of such an event. But the city's mayor says he's been assured that report is on its way and more details will be available for law enforcement in the event they need to act in the future.

"Just saying things are peaceful to me, doesn't cut it," Mayor McNally said. "That's why we certainly have the right to send somebody down there."

Hagan and other members of the corrections institution inspections committee plan to visit the prison next week, to interview at least 10 inmates involved in the protest. 
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