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Seniors return to East High School

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Youngstown City School officials now have a plan for how they hope to bring students back to East High School.

This after a series of fights broke out at the school on Tuesday causing chaos, arrests and the canceling of classes.

Youngstown School administrators and teachers are hoping for a peaceful transition back to the classroom on Thursday, after one heck of a day on Tuesday.

Conflict resolution will be part of the lesson plan when only seniors return to school at East High on Thursday.

Stephen Stohla, the Youngstown City Schools Interim - Superintendent says, "On Thursday we're going to bring just the seniors back. We're going to have some extra counselors in there, we're going to meet with kids and try to deescalate. We'll have conflict resolution meetings and talk to them about policy that we're not going to tolerate anything like that again."

On Friday juniors will join seniors in returning to the classroom, and the juniors on that day will also have conflict resolution instruction. Then by Monday all students grades 9 through 12 will return to East High.

And the Superintendent admits while they did the best that they could to control the situation under the circumstances, not all went according to plan.

"The nurse's office is right by the main office and when they used mace in the building it caused a big problem. When you brought about 20 kids in to the office and once their eyes cleared off they looked around and the kids they were fighting with were in the office with them -- so there's quite a few different things we're going to review and come up with some common sense ways to alleviate it in the future. Nothing ever goes the way you want it, but we have to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again," Stohla said.

The initial fights started over scuffed shoes and two boys fighting over a girl.

21 News put in a request for the Youngstown School District's Emergency Plan to make sure in fact there is one in cases like this.

The district's security chief says that the school's emergency plan has been approved by the state, but that it is not public record because it contains sensitive information.

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