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The "Boss Babes" rule at Canfield's WPA building

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The bottom floor of the WPA building in Canfield also goes by the hash tag #bossbabes.

"We're all like girl bosses down here," said Stefanie Sobinovsky, who owns Cru Boutique. "There's a bunch of small businesses, and right now they're pretty much predominantly female owned."

You can walk about 10 steps and hit three of them: Stefanie's pre-loved clothing store Cru Boutique, Sherry's custom clothing and jewelry shop Teamology Apparel, and Donna's lunch spot Barney's Deli. All of them different, but very much connected.

"We each do something different. Stefanie from Cru boosts me up, gets me involved in different organizations that I've never heard of. I try to give her some feedback of events that are coming up, then we all meet at Barney's and have some lunch," said Sherry Amendolea, owner of Teamology Apparel.

They go through the highs together.

"I could see them wearing it, and I'm like 'Oh, I made that. Oh, I made that,'" said Amendolea.

"It's awesome, I love it. It's like a dream job," said Sobinovsky.

They also have a built-in support system to deal with the some of the lows that go along with owning your own business.

"Probably getting paid, because sometimes you don't. So that's kind of, when you're used to that paycheck every week, every two weeks, sometimes you're not getting one," said Amendolea.

"It's hard work. A lot of people are like, 'Oh you work for yourself, it's so awesome, I wish I could do that.' But, I work from literally morning till night," said Sobinovsky. "If I take a day off and I'm not active online, I notice it the next day in my sales."

But the rewards for the shop owners are very real, and go far beyond money.

"Being able to make your own hours, be at your kids' functions, sporting events, banquets," said Amendolea.

"A lot of times my clients when they come in, they're trying on the outfits and they get so excited about the way they look and they feel good. I've had girls literally jumping up and down, 'This is so awesome.' That's my favorite part," said Sobinovsky.

It's kind of fitting that this spirit of entrepreneurship all happens right here at the WPA building in Canfield. A building that originally, back in the 1930s, was built for the sole purpose of putting people back to work.

"I love that I found it. It's just like a hidden gem. The history, if you read the history of the building and how it was built, it's so neat. It's just the perfect place to be," Sobinovsky.

One hallway, one building, and three women moving forward together.

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