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Average or Legendary? Question fuels local duo


There's a moment for all of us, when we have a choice between the safe pick or betting on yourself and taking a risk. Poland grad Ben Donlow calls it "Average or Legendary."

Ben and Larry Clark have been friends since they were little. The two moved to Chicago with big dreams. Acting is near the top of that list, but it's a long list.

"I started with the training, then people asked me 'Why don't you make shirt?,' so I made a shirt. 'Why don't you do modeling?' I went from that to modeling, the modeling to acting. It all led to one another," said Donlow.

"We're doing what most people think they can't do. Really, all you have to do is put your mind to it to do it," said Clark.

"I wanted to inspire people that they could reach their dreams and potential. That's my goal, is to help people from Youngstown to see it could be done," said Donlow.

It's already working. That leap of faith landed Ben a gig on the TV show "Empire." Just a couple guys from the south side doing what they've always wanted to do.

"Larry in particular was never really the type that wanted the status quo, always wanted something more and something different," said Larry's mother Evelyn.

"I still don't believe nothing until I see it sometimes," said Ben's mother, Kimberly Lumpkin-Donlow. "It is about faith, but when the checks come in I'm like, ok, he really is doing this."

Average or Legendary: that's the phrase on Ben's line of clothing, and words he lives by.

"You could be average, I'll become legendary. So that means, in life we could either take the easy route, the cakewalk, and can be average. Or you could be legendary and leave an imprint on life and make people remember you," said Donlow.

Remember them, just like they remember where they came from. But this part of the story is only just beginning.

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