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A strongman with a strong message

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AKRON, Ohio -

It isn't every day you see someone bending horseshoes or ripping a deck of cards in half. Mark Burnett is a performing strongman, but the show he puts on also sends a message.

Snapping a chain is simply a warm-up exercise for Burnett.

"It's kind of addictive," said Burnett. "Bending steel is something not many people do."

Burnett travels all over northeast Ohio as a performing strongman. He's only been doing it about three and a half years, but if you ask him to bend a frying pan he can roll it up in about 30 seconds.

"People ask, 'Well what's the trick?' because they assume there has to be one," said Burnett. "My answer has been and still is, the trick is knowing where to put it so I can apply the most power to it."

You still have to be incredibly strong to do this stuff, but Mark is not some huge body-builder.  He uses that fact to his advantage as a motivational speaker. Even his website carries the title "A Power Within."

"It is belief as much as anything else," said Burnett. "I'm not a big guy. Yet, I do things that most people don't think about."

"I've seen guys that are monsters. I hand them a 60-penny nail and they can't budge it," said Burnett.

His message is simple; you have to believe in yourself, believe you can do it before you take that leap.

"You have to want to do it. Some of it is uncomfortable. You really have to want to do it. You have to be focused, you have to have consistent practice. You've got to believe. It's got to either be here or up here, one of the two, that you know you can do it," said Burnett.

He has the wow factor to really drive it home, which includes driving a nail with his own hand.

"The look on people's faces when I pick up something and roll it up or bend it and it's not something that's supposed to be bent is a fantastic reward," said Burnett.

Burnett, bending what you thought were the rules.

Among the things he bent/destroyed for this segment were a wrench, a hammer, a deck of cards, rebar, a horseshoe, and a nail.

To learn more or book Burnett for an event, head to his website at apowerwithin.us.

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