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Rep. Mike Kelly believes Syrian air strikes "sent strong message"

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As nations around the world react to President Donald Trump's decision to use a missile air strike against Syria last week, lawmakers at home are weighing in. 

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly appeared on WFMJ Weekend Today's Press Pass to discuss his response regarding the recent U.S. military action.

Since the missiles hit a Syrian air field target following the country's use of deadly chemical weapons, Kelly says he surprised by the bipartisan support the president is receiving from his fellow members of Congress.

"I think as a nation we've gotten used to this constant back and forth between the two parties," Kelly said, (R) Pennsylvania 3rd District.

While he was in office, Kelly recalls former President Barack Obama's remarks about drawing a red line in the sand when it came to Syria and potential use of deadly chemical weapons. Kelly said he always questioned what would eventually be the trigger for required U.S. military action if that did take place.

As he and other members of Congress wait to learn more from the president about the decision making process when they go back into session, Kelly says he approves of the military move.

"I do think it sent a very strong message and these acts of terrorism, when you don't answer them, you embolden bad actors," he said.

Kelly doesn't believe it's the president's intention to go to war, instead he believes Trump was sending a message to the war ravaged country.

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