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The Warren teen is accused of killing her father

Attorney: Bresha Meadows case could be settled without trial

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Bresha Meadows Bresha Meadows
WARREN, Ohio -

There's a major development that could keep a 15-year-old from going on trial for the murder of her father.

A plea deal has now been offered in the Bresha Meadows case that would allow the teen to be released in nine months.

There's nothing finalized just yet.  But it's similar to what would be referred to as "treatment in lieu of conviction."

Sources say Warren's juvenile prosecutor offered the deal after receiving the final discovery or evidence in the case, and the 15-year-old could be back in her mother's care in nine months after receiving in-patient mental health treatment.

This comes just two weeks before Bresha Meadows is scheduled to go on trial for shooting and killing her father, 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows as he slept.

Ian Friedman the defense attorney for Bresha Meadows tells 21 News, "So today it actually was a very productive day.  The prosecutors have recognized the need for treatment as we've been asserting from the beginning.  So I think we're coming to a meeting of the minds."  

Warren Juvenile Prosecutor Stanley Elkins said, "We have not reached a 100% agreement saying this is how it's going to be carried out.  There are some discussions.  There are some concerns from both sides that have not been resolved."

If the deal goes through, the murder charge would be pled down to a crime less serious and the teen would receive treatment in lieu of conviction at an in-patient facility that could address her post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues.

"It would mean release to get treatment for a period not to exceed 18-months.  But understand she's already been in for nine months so that counts," Attorney Friedman said.

Bresha would get credit for the nine months she's already served and would be free nine months from now.  Again that's if both sides agree when they meet on May 22nd.

As for the impact of social media on this case?  A case that went global due to allegations of domestic violence that the victims family contend are false and have never been proven.

"My belief is that the social media bringing attention to the real issues of this case is going to help other young girls in the future," Attorney Friedman said.

Lena Cooper the sister of murder victim Jonathan Meadows was shocked and outraged to hear that there's a plea deal being considered.

Cooper, who lives in Tennessee, told 21 News by telephone, "We as a family are not going to let this rest.  We are totally against a plea deal.  There are too many inconsistencies in the stories surrounding my brother's murder and we want this case to go to trial to know what really happened.  We also want to clear my brother's name.  He would have never abused anyone."

If the case is not resolved on May 22nd with a plea deal the prosecutor says a new trial date is set for October 16th.

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