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Secretary of State Jon Husted talks 2018 Governor race

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Secretary of State Jon Husted stopped by 21 News in downtown Youngstown on Tuesday evening to talk about campaigning for Ohio Governor in 2018.

Husted spoke with Kate Keller concerning his thoughts on medical marijuana, Issue 2 and more.

The Secretary of State said he has made improvements to his current position, including running his office without using tax dollars and converting it to fully digital.

“There has never been a statewide elected official that has run their office without using tax dollars,” Husted said. “People often say that they want to do more with less and be more efficient, and we're actually doing that.”

Husted also took a stance on medical marijuana in the interview, saying that he thinks Ohio should take a “go slow approach” when it comes to legalizing the drug.

“We don't want to be California where it is a recreational marijuana state,” he said. “We need to work with law enforcement and medical professionals to make sure that when we make medical marijuana available, it's there for things that its medically proven to help treat, like seizures and treatment for recovery from chemo....”

Medical marijuana, if legalized, still wouldn't fix all ailments. Husted said he believes prescription drug prices are out of control, but that Issue 2 isn't the best way to fix the problem.

He said the Drug Price Standards Initiative would put the state in a dangerous situation where Ohio would be unable to purchase prescriptions at a low cost.

Husted told 21 News that he believes Obamacare should be repealed and replaced, instead of setting money aside to separate states to put toward statewide health care.

“I hope they set aside the money... and send it to the state so we can create Ohio solutions for Ohio problems,” Husted said. “...We can build health care in this state that is efficient and also provides access to people who are working and can't afford a health care plan.”

Husted said that the government needs to focus on working people.

“They're working, they've earned it, they deserve it and we should help them,” he said.

Husted had a specific plan when it came to helping those in the auto industry.

“The one thing that I want to do to help [auto] companies is making sure they have a trained workforce,” he said. “It helps them compete against their global competitors and it also helps people get the skill set they need to get the new jobs that are being created.”

Lastly, Husted addressed the DACA and DREAMers programs, saying that anyone who legally immigrates to the U.S. Are certainly welcome in Ohio.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform and to create a pathway to citizenship,” he said. “I hope Congress will act and do just that so we can face these issues.”

Husted said he does not want Ohio to become a sanctuary state or house several sanctuary cities.

More information about Husted and his campaign can be found on his website

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