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The cost of eliminating net neutrality

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It's a move that could impact the way we search the web and consumer services online.

The Federal Communications Commission is pledging to do away with net neutrality, a regulation that forces internet providers to treat all content online equally.

"It shifts a lot of the power to the biggest internet service providers and they'll be controlling the content of what goes on the internet," Valley Congressman Tim Ryan said, (D-OH). 

Ryan says he's furious that President Trump's newly appoint FCC Chairman plans to repeal the regulation. 

He believes the internet should be viewed as a utility service, not a pay to play industry controlled by heavyweight corporations.

Without net neutrality, Ryan says internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, could start featuring their own content and services over what's posted and available online from their competition.

An IT expert at Kent State University's Trumbull campus says internet providers could start bundling online services at slower speeds depending what content is offered like social media, movies and video games or charge fees for premium content.

"A lot of times we may not see the costs on an itemized statement, but we will end up seeing increased prices from Netflix, from places for gamers like XBox," Ben Darby said, IT user analyst. "What internet service providers want to do is be able to prioritize traffic."

Access and online exposure is critical for innovation. Ryan says scrapping the regulation would also hurt efforts to get new tech starts ups companies off the ground in places like the Mahoning Valley.

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