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Lordstown grad catches Amazon's eye with tech talk

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If you did a little cyber Monday shopping on Amazon, there's a good chance you saw a Lordstown grad on your screen at some point. Jon Prosser has been building a following in the tech community through YouTube.

Prosser's always been into tech. He's also brutally honest about it.

"Tech is boring," said Prosser.

So four years ago, Jon tried to fix that. "Front Page Tech" came to life on Youtube.

"I wanted to make it fun," said Prosser. "Consumer tech is for everybody. You might not be interested in the latest specs of the newest PC's out there, but everyone's got a smart phone in their pocket so I wanted to make a show that could resonate with not just tech savvy people but everyone, we just make it fun."

Every weekday for the last four years he's churned out a new video, mostly on how the latest tech news might actually impact your life. It was fun, but success didn't come overnight.

"There were weeks where I had nothing to eat but a jar peanut butter," said Prosser. "At first when you have zero subscribers, zero views it's easy to see initial results because you started from zero. Eventually you plateau and you go into that dip. I firmly believe that anyone that comes out of that dip is the people that make it. We were in the dip for probably like two years."

Still, you never know who's watching.

"At the time I was getting like a thousand views a video, and one of them happened to be high-ups at Amazon that brought me on board to be their "tech expert." I hate that name," said Prosser.

Suddenly, doors started opening. Then the iPhone X came out.

"I went nuts about it," said Prosser. "This device is $1,000 now and you're going to go stand in line like you always do, and you're going to buy it and you're going to do the same thing next year. The video blew up, million views."

"We went from getting 1,000-2,000 views a show which, I was making a living off of (ish), but it required me to do other things like the Amazon gig and all that other stuff. But now we're getting 20,000, 50,000 views a show and it's totally different and it happened in months," said Prosser.

That one rant was life-changing. He's now a YouTube host with six different revenue streams, carrying the title as Amazon's "tech expert." At the same time, he's very much like us.

"At the end of the day, even though I love tech I just want my thing to work. Especially my phone," said Prosser.

He's a tech expert, but also the tech guy next door; quite literally for everyone in the Valley.

You can find his work on the Front Page Tech youtube channel, or follow him on twitter at @jon_prosser. 

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