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Last minute reprieve from deportation granted for Youngstown businessman

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Just days away from deportation, a Youngstown businessman had his prayers answered when he was granted a last-minute reprieve.

Amer "Al Adi" Othman, the owner of the Downtown Circle, was scheduled to be deported on Sunday, after decades of fighting for the right to stay in the United States. 

However, Thursday afternoon, it was announced Valley Congressman Tim Ryan had been working with Adi's lawyers and the House Judiciary Committee, who were able to grant Al Adi a stay. 

With one arm around his wife and the other around Congressman Ryan, Adi was overcome with joy.

"I'm overwhelmed, I am amazed by the huge support that we have received from everybody, I don't even have the words to describe the amazing support. I think it tells you one thing. When this community comes together, it gets the job done," said Adi.

While he didn't have the words, he did have hugs. Adi must have hugged dozens of people. When they heard the news, his wife said tears started flowing and it would have been tragic for their daughters if he had left.

"I want to thank Congressman Tim Ryan for his effort, I want to thank Tracy Winbush for her effort. I want to thank everybody. I want to thank everybody who did anything to switch this case the way it happened," said Adi.

Ryan said they threw a Hail Mary in the final hours and just hoped it would come through.

"It was a total team effort from this man and his family and his attorney and the community rallying around him, the people that work here, the Mayor, there was just unbelievable community support and we were the conduit in Washington but at the end of the day it's because this guy is a good human being. This is a pillar of the community here, one of the first people to come downtown, this is his home, he's built his family here. He is, he is an American in every sense of the word."

The Downtown Circle owner says he moved from Jordan to the United States when he was 19-years-old. 

He says he settled down in San Diego in 1979, married his first wife, and received a green card. 

Adi says he moved to Youngstown, Ohio following their divorce, and eventually met his new wife. 

They reportedly moved out of the country for several years and when they returned, Al Adi's green card was confiscated. 

Al Adi says that he has been fighting the decision, trying again to file for a green card. 

But Adi says his request for citizenship was denied because of "a claim that the marriage from 1979 was fraudulent." 

Congressman Tim Ryan fought for years to keep Adi off the deportation list by pushing for a private bill to keep him here.

While they don't know what the future holds, they are embracing the fact the family is still together and are hoping to remain in Youngstown for good.

"I want to say to Youngstown, Youngstown I love you, I'm not going nowhere. I am here, this is my city and this is my country and we are here to stay."

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