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Columbiana girls basketball coach accused of abuse

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The parents of a Columbiana girl's basketball player are calling for Coach Ron Moschella to resign or be fired. 

"She's tired of being embarrassed," Rob Hall said.

It was Tuesday night at the Columbiana Board of Education meeting where Rob Hall, the father of senior basketball player Taylor Hall, laid out a list of accusations against Moschella. 

"She was coming off the court, Coach Mosch grabbed her by the arm, told her to go sit on the bench, gave her a push on the back and it happened twice. Not only did I see it myself, but I also received text messages from friends that were watching the game on TV because it was the game of the week," said Hall. "He also did it to multiple other players that was seen on TV."

Hall is referring to incidents that happened between coach Moschella and Taylor in the Struthers game Monday night. 

He also claims there was verbal abuse.

"She was coming off the floor and she was called a chicken s**t multiple times, over 5 times and it wasn't in a joking, motivational kind of way, like come on your playing like chicken, you need to play harder, it was in a demeanor, as people who know coach Moschella can only have, that demeanor where he was in her face, upset, angry and calling her that name at least five times."

Hall says it has been going on for the past four years, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. After talking to his daughter, they decided to pull her from the team.

"She says she does not feel safe being around him, not safe or comfortable, but not safe around him and not, not in a normal setting but on a basketball floor. Outside of basketball, she has no issues with him, perfectly fine, but when it comes to the basketball court she is, she is scared to know, maybe not necessarily for her safety, but her integrity and respect for herself for being a woman and being a student athlete," said Hall.

In a letter to the board of education by Rob's wife, Casey, she writes, "Our daughter will not play another game for Ron Moschella. We have failed our daughter long enough and feel it is best for her to be removed from this unhealthy environment."

She also added, "I will not let this go until Ron Moschella either resigns or is fired."

Casey posted that letter to her Facebook page. You can see it here:

The school district released a statement saying they are investigating the claims and will have no further comment only stating, "Make no mistake, Columbiana Exempted Village Schools takes the safety, security and well-being of its students seriously. The district wants students and staff to succeed, and learn in a civil, and respectful environment.”

21 News Anchor Derek Steyer talked to Coach Moschella Wednesday and he says he would love to talk about the situation but was advised not to. He says he has no plans to resign. 

When Derek profiled Moschella in 2015, he explained his coaching style as passionate and loud, very demanding and not afraid to tell the kids what he thinks. Numerous players also told Derek they loved that intensity and called him a great coach. 

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